Welcome to Evolution WoW ! Read the latest news and stay tuned for more!
Lottery for April has ended.
Winner account ids: 52, 70, 37

You can check your account id by loging into the website and select Account tab. Send a private message on discord to one of admins with your emails so we can add your rewards!
Lottery for May has started, check Lottery tab.
It's RAFFLE time!

Hello future Evolution players ! We are organizing a raffle with ingame cash rewards! What you need to do?
Share this FACEBOOK post. The only requirement is to have an account on Evolution so you can claim your reward.

Rewards: 1. (First) 40€ 2. (Second) 25€ 3. (Third) 10€ + 1 unique tabard for every place.
Winners will be announced on 31.05.2022, good luck!

Migrate your characters to Evolution!

You can migrate your character from other servers regardless of their current patch to Evolution. Informations about the server rates and more can be found on Server info tab.
Register your account now and lets banish the Legion armies once more, together!
We are hiring!
We are hiring developers able to code C++ and SQL!
  • C++ knowledge (medium level)

  • SQL knowledge (entry level)

  • TrinityCore experience (or related World of Warcraft emulators)

  • Able to write scripts from scratch.

  • If you're interested send an email to shop@wow-evolution.com with relevant informations about you and your previous experience and we will get in touch.

    Development Plan
    Stages of development:
    1 Public test realm.
    2. LIVE! Have patience until everything is at a decent level.

    We are looking to implement a lof of features to increase interest in PvP, a sneak peak of them but we will not limit to those: skirmish system (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 non-rated arenas), Custom PvP quest which rewards Vote Points, Arena Spectate, etc!
    We will progressively go through all the patches in phases (even though you will be playing with 7.3.5. characters). Stats will not be scaled to other patches. (70x, 71x, 72x) Pre-Legion zones and raids will not be a priority until we get Legion content to a stable gameplay.

  • Phase 1: Emerald Nightmare / Vindictive
  • All 10 dungeons which were initially launched on retail

  • Phase 2: Trial of Valor / Fearless
  • Karazhan

  • Phase 3: The Nighthold / Cruel

  • Phase 4: Tomb of Sargeras / Ferocious
  • Cathedral of Eternal Night

  • Phase 5: Antorus, the Burning Throne / Fierce
  • Seat of the Triumvirate Argus content
  • Phase 6: Dominant and Demonic brackets

  • Please note that we our developers are working around the clock sometimes to deliver the top-quality content. We have no ETA how much a phase will last but if we feel like we should advance, we will.